Last week I posted a two-part post on how to activate and administer your Software Assurance benefits through the Open Value Program.


·         Activating your Open Value Software Assurance benefits, step by step (Part 1)

·         Activating your Open Value Software Assurance benefits, step by step (Part 2)


As promised in those posts, here is the post on how to activate your Software Assurance benefits through the Open Business Program.


If you have Software Assurance, you have access to a great deal of benefits available to you through the Software Assurance Program, all you have to do is activate them.  For instance, you receive the benefit of Microsoft Office Home Use Rights for every Microsoft Office license you have Software Assurance on at work.  So if you have 10 Microsoft Office licenses with Software Assurance, you have 10 Microsoft Office Home Use Rights.  Are you using them yet? 


NOTE: The steps below are for Software Assurance purchased through the Open Business Licensing Program.  (Remember, since the launch of the Open Value Program (2001), the Open Business Licensing Program is designed for clients who want Licenses only.  The Open Value Licensing Program is designed for clients who want Software Assurance benefits as well.  You can learn more about the differences in the two licensing programs by viewing the replay of my "Introduction to Open License for Partners" webcast.)


Ok, here’s how you activate your Open Business Software Assurance benefits (and Partners, make sure your clients know this and are activating their benefits when you do the install so they can start benefiting from them right away):


Step 1: Have your license information ready.  Before you can activate your Software Assurance benefits, you’ll need:

·         Your license agreement number as provided by your license provider

·         Your Open Authorization number found on your agreement summary


Step 2: Access eOpen at to begin activating your Software Assurance benefits.


1.     From the eOpen Web site, log into Passport using your registration information.

2.     Your Open Authorization number and license number will be required for access to the Software Assurance benefits and the eOpen Web site.

3.     On the Agreement Summary window, click on the appropriate license number hyperlink.

4.     Scroll down the page and click on the Software Assurance Benefits Administration Tool hyperlink and enter the required information.

5.     If applicable, accept the terms and conditions for the Home Use Program.

6.     From the Benefit Summary page, click on the appropriate benefit to begin using/administering it.



• Activate the Windows Vista™ Enterprise Virtual PC Express benefit by visiting

• Install Windows Vista Enterprise Virtual PC Express on each desktop that is covered by Software Assurance for Microsoft® Windows.®

• Load the legacy application(s).



• Click on the IW, Client, or Server eLearning hyperlinks from the agreement benefits summary page.

• Designate the benefit contact who is eligible to receive the media and manage the benefit (only one contact is allowed).

• Activate the benefit for the designated contact.

• For IW, Client, or Server, the eLearning modules will be distributed via the training module CD kit, or they can be downloaded from the MVLS site.

• Upon activation, a notification e-mail with program details will be sent to the designated contact.



• Click on the Home Use Program hyperlink from the agreement benefits summary page.

• Designate at least one contact to distribute access to the benefit to employees.

• Activate the benefit to enable the HUP Program Code (this is needed to access the HUP Web site). Upon activation, a notification e-mail with the HUP Program Code will be sent to each contact explaining how to administer the benefit and distribute access to employees.


NOTE: Additional resources are also available at to assist you in activating your Software Assurance benefits such as:

  • Access to on-demand Software Assurance webcasts
  • An online training course to help guide you through the activation of your Software Assurance benefits

Software Assurance Help


To download a detailed users guide for instructions on how to register and activate your Software Assurance benefits through eOpen, go to To send a question to a service representative, please e-mail: For telephone support call 1-866-230-0560.


Upon activation, we will send an e-mail with all of your program details to the appropriate contact.


You can also download a 1-Page (double-sided) Open License Activation Tip Sheet in PDF format which contains this information for your use offline.


Thank you and have a wonderful day,


Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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