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Does it matter if I purchase my SBS Server through OEM, Retail, or Open License?

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Does it matter if I purchase my SBS Server through OEM, Retail, or Open License?

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This morning there was a question posed by a Partner about whether or not it matters if they purchase the SBS Server for their client through OEM, Retail, or Open License.  The answer is, “Yes,” it does make a difference when you are purchasing any Microsoft software for your clients whether you purchase OEM, Retail, or Volume Licenses and you should make sure to choose the option that best suits the needs of your client. 

Remember that there are different rights associated with OEM, Retail, and Volume License licenses of all products.  You can see more about this in Question #10 of “The 30 in 30” series I posted awhile back.  For instance, the Transfer Rights are very different amongst these three license types.  OEM licenses do not have transfer rights, Retail licenses do, and so do Volume Licenses.  Here is a quick video I posted earlier showing how transfer rights work through the example of OEM with and without Software Assurance.

For this particular topic, I have also put up a few other posts specifically speaking to the topic of full SBS Server licenses and whether or not Retail Box is the best way to go:

-          Why would I order part# T72-00020? (SBS 2003 Server Retail Box)

-          Part #2 of: Why would I order part# T72-00020? (SBS 2003 Server Retail Box)

Granted, the part #s referenced in the posts above are no longer valid since SBS 2008 is now out; however, the principles remain the same.

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  • After a sucessful migration to SBS2008 using a new server and OEM license, I sold a Server to a new customer and licensed SBS2008 through open business.

    With the first server, I received the server and install media in about 4 days.  In the instance of the Open License, I received the server in about 5 days (and over a week ago at this point).  I still haven't any install media and I have a server that I have paid for and a project that I can't complete and Bill.

    Off hand I would consider this to be an excellent reason to look at OEM or Retail delivery versus Open license

  • @ Wayne - Thank you for the input and feedback.  Out of curiosity, did you order it through Open Business or Open Value?  If Open Business, what day was the media ordered?  (No need for media ordering in Open Value as it is automatically included).

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