A short while ago, I put up my, “What versions of Windows qualify for the Windows 7 Retail Box upgrade?” post here on the blog and received this follow-up question shortly afterwards, “Ok, I see what qualifies for the Retail Box Windows 7 Upgrade, but what about the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade through Volume Licensing?” That is a great question and on I have not posted about since we did so in the Windows Vista time. So let’s take a look at what qualifies for the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade through Microsoft’s Volume Licensing programs, such as Open License, Open Value, Select, and Enterprise Agreement. Here is the answer to this question, as well as where you can find it in the future.

Let’s start with where you can find this answer today and in the future. For our Volume Licensing programs, there are a couple resources you should be aware of:

  • Product Use Rights (PUR) document - When a product license is purchased through a Microsoft Volume Licensing program, the Product Use Rights (PUR) and the Volume Licensing program agreement contain product-specific terms and conditions for how the software can be used. The PUR is updated quarterly. The PUR in effect as of the beginning of the licensed period for a particular product version applies to the use of that product version throughout the licensed period.
  • Product List for Volume Licensing - Published monthly, the Microsoft Product List for Volume Licensing provides information about Microsoft software and Microsoft Online Services acquired through Volume Licensing programs. This document includes:
    • Availability of new products
    • Discontinuation of products
    • Available promotions
    • Point values
    • Product migration paths
    • Software Assurance benefits
    • Other notes and information specific to products
    • Appendices for special terms, Software Assurance renewals, and programs

You can access both of the documents above at the “About Licensing” page. Inside the Product List, there is a section that talks about the Windows 7 Professional Upgrades included in Volume Licensing and inside that section is the following chart that shows what the qualifying desktop Operating System licenses are to qualify for the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade through Microsoft’s Volume Licensing programs:

Windows 7 Qualifiers - Click to view full size

Find the version of Windows you have today down the left-hand side and then you can see which Microsoft Volume License programs that qualifies for the Windows 7 Professional upgrade in (you’ll see an “X” in the columns of the programs you qualify for). Since there are several abbreviations above for the various licensing programs, let me try to clarify those:

There is one point to remember when purchasing Microsoft Windows licensing through Volume Licensing, the only way to purchase a full Windows Desktop Operating System License is through either OEM or Retail Box.  All Windows licenses sold through any Volume Licensing program is an Upgrade only, not a full Windows license.  This is nothing new and has been the case for well over a decade.

I hope this helps answer your questions on what qualifies for the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade through the Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, as well as where you can find this answer in the future.

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