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Latest update on Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)

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Latest update on Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)

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In an effort to keep you updated on the current status of the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) update, I am providing you with this update.  First, let me start by letting you know that we sincerely apologize to our partners and customers for the inconvenience that they have had during the upgrade improvements for the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) site. We understand it is inconvenient and greatly value doing business with our partners and customers.  I personally appreciate all of the input and feedback I have received from several of you.

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the customer licensing experience , Microsoft recently upgraded the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center. In standard systems testing, we encountered an issue with the registration system. While the vast majority of partners and customers are able to access the system, there remain some customers who may be experiencing difficulties and it has taken us longer than expected to correct these issues.  We are taking all necessary steps to resolve the situation and we are working with each customer or partner to restore permissions if they can’t be resolved online.

The reason we updated the system:

  • For partners that work on behalf of customers:
    • Moving all customers to one experience: Historically, partners and customers may have accessed different web locations depending on which licensing program they participated in. Over the last year, Microsoft has slowly integrated multiple websites to help make it easier for partners and customers to manage and track their licensing information.
    • Historically, partners accessed information on customers behalf on the web sites. They can continue to provide this service after the customer grants permission rights. While it may be inconvenient, the customer is legally responsible for the terms and conditions of the agreement and this protects the organization’s assets and confirms that a partner is representing on behalf of the customer. As part of the system upgrade, both the customer email address and partner email address can be included on the order when it is submitted so both have permissions. Through VLSC, the customer can add the partner as an administrator or the partner can request access to the agreement.
  • Valid business email address: A Windows Live ID and a valid business email are required for registration and access to licensing information. The new site experience requires the customer to validate the business email using an invitation email from Microsoft. This industry-standard enables more secure permissions that protect customers’ data. If a customer did not have a valid email addresses before, or they’re having difficulty remembering that initial email used, they may have to contact the customer service center for help. Microsoft is working with each impacted customer or partner to restore permissions if they can’t be resolved online.
  • Viewing licensing IDs: Customers may need to request administrator privileges within their organization before they can view agreements. This is something customers can easily do by logging in to VLSC, and clicking on settings to request permissions.

As with any new experience, we anticipate that many partners or customers may have questions, which can cause a longer than average hold time in some regions. We apologize for this inconvenience.  Most partners and customers are accessing the site to track, manage and use their licenses and we increased customer service staffing to help partners or customers when they call or email us for support.

Here are some resources for you that may also be helpful:

As I mentioned above, we are absolutely committed to helping our Partners and customers have a positive experience working with us, including while we work through the VLSC update process.  If you have gone through the steps listed in the above update and still are having access issues for your agreements, I’d love to hear from you on the details.  Here’s what to do:

  • Submit a comment to me below and include the information listed here (Don’t worry, I will not publish any comments with this information, so it will be submitted to me and no one else will see it):
    • If you are the customer trying to access your licensing agreement:
      • Company name listed on agreement
      • Your name & title
      • Company address listed on agreement
      • Your phone number
      • Your email address
      • Your Windows Live ID
      • Agreement number you are having issues with
      • When the agreement was purchased (month and year are fine)
      • Issue you are having
    • If you are the Partner who sold the agreement and are trying to administer your client’s agreement:
      • All of the information listed above but also include:
        • The contact name, phone, and email address of the contact at the client responsible for the agreement
        • Your company name & address
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  • @ Greg from WI - Thank you for the message this morning letting me know that you are now in and have access to your agreements!

  • @ Keith S - Please can you provide me the information requested above plus your Windows Live ID so I can look into your case?  Without it, I cannot.

  • @ Andrew - Can you please submit the information requested above along with your Windows Live ID so that I can look into your case.  Without it, I cannot.

  • My thoughts concur with the majority of the comments above.  Our EAS signed in December is a shambles.  VLSC access has been promised, repromised but delivery is non existent.  Microsoft is selling products they cannot deliver and preventing IT from delivering projects to their companies.  The worst professional I have ever had, working like crazy to convince management to go with a supplier that cannot deliver!!!!

  • Eric:

    I buy licenses and go on the site to retrive my software because Microsoft will not supply media. It took 5 or 6 different calls Most answered "not our job or area and they gave me another number that did not work.

    it took about 45 minutes to download and the "smart" download system will not work with Apple.

    Microsoft has an insane license system. Adobe who has a difficult system looks like a five star hotel compared to Microsoft's park bench.

    In 1986 I was luck enough to meet Bill Gates at a Microsoft conference, and I don't think he would be proud of the present system.


  • @Louis - If you provide me with the information requested above, I am happy to look into it.

  • I sincerely hope that MS considers going back to the previous sites for their licensing and then introduces the "new" VLSC as a beta site to test out all these problems. I have a major project that I have had to put on hold within my organization due to being unable to access the media and keys for our agreement.

  • We purchased Microsoft software 5 days ago and we're still trying to figure out how to get it off the licensing service server. Thanks for suggesting that we use this on-line nonsense! Unable to get knowledgeable support. The site has little function. No call-back on escalated case#. Same old Microsoft customer service.

  • @ Robert - Thank you for the input.  If you could please submit the information requested above, it would provide the information I need to be able to look into it.

  • @ Mark Thompson - Mark, if you could please submit the information requested above, it would make it much easier to look into the issue you submitted about.

  • @ Mark Thompson - Have you already requested permission to those agreements you cannot see through the VLSC site to add them to your view?  I have the steps to do this posted on my Blog in this post:

  • @ John W from the UK - Can you please send me the information requested above so I can look into your situation?

  • @ princec from NetSys - Can you please submit the information listed above?  You did not provide the Windows Live ID, email, etc. in your submission and I will ned those to effectively look into this.

  • We are still waiting after 2.5 months.  What more is  there to say?  Just like the other posters no call backs, cases closed at random.

  • @ Jim Collis - If you could please submit the information requested in my post above, I am happy to look into it for you.

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