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15% off Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Subscription offer

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15% off Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Subscription offer

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As you have probably heard already, the Microsoft Action Pack Subscription is becoming available in two separate offerings, allowing for the rich set of benefits that each offers be more tailored to the Partner types subscribing to each.  Well, for those of you that are interested in the Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Subscription offering, which launches on May 24, 2010, we are currently offering a 15% discount opportunity for you!

The Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Subscription is designed for developers and Web designers, with benefits provided to match these focuses such as:

  • Internal-use, full versions of the latest Microsoft desktop and server software.
  • Three MSDN for Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design subscriptions that provide access to key development and design tools. Includes the latest version of the Windows and Windows Server operating systems, and Microsoft SQL Server for development and testing.
  • Ten hours of phone-based technical design and development support.
  • Access to quarterly recorded technical support Web seminars (webinars).
  • Connection to qualified students to find next-generation talent.
  • Technical and sales training focused on development and design.
  • Access to community peer groups.
  • Visibility in Microsoft customer directories.

To qualify for the Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Subscription, your company must:

  • Be enrolled as a Registered Member of the Microsoft Partner Network.
  • Have fewer than 100 employees.
  • Pass an online assessment every two years.
  • Enter the URL of your company’s official website on your organizations’ profile in the Partner Membership Center.

As a pre-launch offer for this subscription, between now and May 23, 2010, you can fill out an online offer request form to let us know about your interest in this new subscription offering.  Then the week of May 24th, you will receive an e-mail with instructions and a single-use promotion code that you can use to receive 15% off the price of a one-year subscription. The code will expire on July 1, 2010 and some restrictions apply.  Full details will be provided with the promotion code.

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  • I understand the price is increasing by about 10% in mid-2010.  So, does the 15% discount apply to the current lower price or the new, higher price?  

    - John

  • @ John - The Action Pack Development and Design Subscription is a new subscription, so the 15% discount is off of the original price (there can't be an increase or decrease on something that did not exist before.)

  • I signed up for this and still haven't received the promotion code.

  • @cb - Promotion codes are going out this week.  In the email you would have received when you completed the pre-order form online, it states:

       -  During the week of May 24, 2010, you will receive an email with a link to the Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design order site and a single-use promotional code for 15% off the subscription.

       - You will have until June 30, 2010 to use the 15% off promotion code when placing an order for the Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design subscription.

    Keep an eye out for it by end of this week.

  • I want in on this deal however, the site has been down.

  • @Toto - Which site are you referring to?  The pre-order site is offline now and was taken down at the end of the 23rd, as we stated we would.  Prior to that though, the site was running and others were submitting their requests.

  • How do I register for msdn through Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design. I have already signed up for Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design. I can not find instructions for MSDN rgistration?


  • Still waiting (albeit less) patiently for my code.  Everything else is set (partner membership, assessment, etc.).  I even have Exchange 2010 and TFS2010 installed using trials that I hope will be relatively easy to upgrade once my subscription is in place.

  • @ Dan - As noted in my reply to cb above, the emails will be going out this week with the promotion codes.  You should be seeing it before week's end.  

  • @ Brian - Once your membership becomes active, you will receive an email with access instructions. It takes a few days to become active. Here are the instructions once you are active:

    You will be required to register your subscription through MSDN by completing the following steps:

    1.  Visit the MSDN site.  (

    2.  Sign in with your Windows Live ID associated with your Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design subscription.

    3.  Enter your personal information, preferences, and Benefit Access Number (Technical Contact ID**). This information must match exactly with what you entered in the Partner Membership Center.

    4.  Accept the agreement to complete registration.

    **To find your Technical Contact ID, sign into the Partner Membership Center (, click on the Requirements and Assets tab and select Assign Contact Roles (your Technical Contact ID will be listed next to your name). At this page you can also add and change technical contacts within your organization.

  • Still nothing. When you guys say 1 week, you really mean 1 week. LOL

  • Hi there, what happens if you're already an Action pack Subscriber and want to switch to the Development version? I just renewed mine a couple of months ago and the new dev version is a much better fit.

    Is there some way of switching subscriptions?

    Can I get a credit on what I paid already?


  • Is there anybody who has got the promotion code? It's May 30, 2010 :(

  • I did finally receive my code on Sunday the 30th.  I ordered immediately and am still waiting for fulfillment.  I'm not sure why a credit card order for a download-only product "may take 2 business days to 30 business days" but hopefully I'll be able to download Exchange before my 120 day trial expires in August.

  • I finally received my promo code on the 28th, and I immediately placed the order. Now I'm waiting for my order to process and my subscription to activate. I know it was a holiday weekend, but it's not like they're shipping a physical package.

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