Ok, so how many of you read the timing notice I included in my Small Business Specialist (SBSC) Step-by-step checklist to re-enrollment in Microsoft Partner Network, Silver Competency Step-by-step checklist to re-enrollment in Microsoft Partner Network, and Gold Competency Step-by-step Checklist to Re-enrollment in Microsoft Partner Network posts I put here on the blog recently?  If you missed it, here it is again:

“One note from a timing perspective, we are talking about your re-enrollment in the Microsoft Partner Network here, which means that the date that you will need to meet the updated requirements for the [Small Business Specialist designation, Gold Competency, or Silver Competency] by will be your anniversary date in the Microsoft Partner Network, not the initial launch date of the Microsoft Partner Network.”

One partner who did read the post recently sent me a follow-up question from it, which is, “If we need to meet to requirements by our re-enrollment date in Microsoft Partner Network, where can I find out what my renewal date is?”

I thought this was a very good question so I wanted to share this question and answer with all of you here on the blog.  Here is how to find your renewal date in the Microsoft Partner Network:

1) First, you will want to navigate to the Microsoft Partner Network portal: https://partner.microsoft.com 
2) Sign into with your Windows Live ID: image
3) Click on the “View Your Membership Account” button image
4) If your membership is expiring in the near future, you will see a notification next to the “View Your Membership Account” button and a drop down with the details will be shown when you click the button.

In this dropdown, you will see a paragraph showing you how many days until your membership expires (in yellow in the image to the right).  Also, towards the bottom of the dropdown, you will see the date your membership expires, which is your membership renewal by date.
5) If your membership is not expiring soon, you can click on the “Membership Center” button in the drop down, which will take you to the Partner Membership Center (shown to the right)

In this example, you can see that the membership expiration date is listed directly under your current membership level in the right-hand column of thee screen.  In this example, you will see an expiration date of 7/15/2011.

I hope the information above helps you find out what your membership expiration date is for your account in the Microsoft Partner Network and where you can find that in the future.  Thanks to Richard for sending this question in!

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