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Think your phone is fast? $100 says it’ll get smoked by Windows Phone.

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Think your phone is fast? $100 says it’ll get smoked by Windows Phone.

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Think your phone is fast or are you in the market for a new phone and looking for something with true speed? Have you tried out a Windows Phone yet? If you haven’t, maybe this will get your attention…

As you probably know, the International Consumer Electronics show (CES) took place a couple of weeks ago (see the Steve Ballmer Microsoft keynote here). Well while CES 2012 was taking place, Ben Rudolph was going around with a challenge and putting his money where his mouth is… The challenge, quite simple really:

  • Your phone against Windows Phone in a mutually agreed upon set of common tasks
  • Beat the Windows Phone and win $100
  • Lose to the Windows Phone and join the others who have been “Smoked by Windows Phone”

So how did the challenge turn out? See for yourself in the highlight video below:

Let’s just say there seems to have been a lot of smoke coming from the CES floor, thanks to Windows Phone. Smile If you haven’t checked out Windows Phone lately, take a look at what you’ve been missing. If you are a Microsoft partner and mobility is something you focus on, be sure to check out the Microsoft Windows Phone information on the Microsoft Partner Network portal as well as the Microsoft Mobility Competency. I have a bunch of information on some Windows Phone resources as well in some of these past posts here on the blog:

Thanks again to Ben Rudolph for hosting this challenge and sharing the results with all of us through his online forums and this video.

Did you find this information helpful? If so, you may want to make sure you are utilizing all of the areas I share information online, such as: my Facebook page, my Twitter account, my Linkedin account, and my blog. Plus, you can now get all of the latest Microsoft Partner Information right on your phone!

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  • After previously running Android and a "feature phone", last week I obtained my first Windows Phone and I'm hooked. It's fast, responsive, intuitive and blends seamlessly with the stuff I already do on a daily basis. The app count may not be what Apple offers but I haven't yet wanted for an app that I couldn't find at least one or two solutions (and usually many more than that).

    Whether business or pleasure (or a combination, where as now, Smart DJ is pulling 80s tunes down from Zune Marketplace for me as I type this) my new Win 7 phone has been all I hoped for and more. I can't wait to see what MS comes up with next in the mobile world.

  • Please, please, please turn this into an advertising campaign...

    Microsoft ads are HORRIBLE, please do something about this.

    @Ballmer, hey your share holders want better advertising.

  • @ Robert - Just saw this and wondered what your thoughts are based on your statement above: :-)

    Eric Ligman

  • @ Robert - You asked. We listened. “Smoked by Windows Phone” ads go live today!:

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