Make Your Own Mini-Galaga

Make Your Own Mini-Galaga

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Inspired by the Paper Arcade that I've posted about twice now, I decided to try my hand at creating one of my favorites: Galaga. I owe thanks to Namco, Arcade Art, and everyone who helped create the original Paper Arcade. This is my first attempt, and I hope it can be refined. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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  • Looks very nice. Interesting, SharpReader popped up it's alert window informing me of your post at the same moment at which I had found a paper version of Bill Gates' house (via must be a sign :).

    Having Bill's house on your desk might be kind of interesting:
  • Do you know of a Galaga port to Windows? I would enjoy playing it again!
  • Very cool - I always think it is great when people "give back" to the Internet and add to the cool stuff out there rather than just being consumers. And a very nice job on the model, and giving credit (and "trackback") to the site that got you started.

    Since the whole paper model / folding topic is out there, I worked on a few paper models this winter with my son. There are some other cool ones out there, I'll just point to a few.

    Star Wars Inspired ( ) Free

    NASA/Spacecraft ( ) Free

    and Fiddler's Green - Buildings / Aircraft ( ) Small Cost - we made the Castle and the World Trade Center
  • Fabrice:

    Other than MAME and some of the commercial offerings, there are a few classic games (like Defender, Robotron, and Sinistar) available at the site:
  • Cool! Now I can have one on the desk in front of me... and the real one sitting behind me :-D

    Excellent job so far. I would recommend updating the control panel though to have the buttons and joystick (right now, it looks like there's some sort of a cutout patter for them).
  • Cory:

    Oops! Good catch. That happened to me a number of times while I was working with the file in Illustrator. Seems that my button layer kept going to the back of the stack. I've regenerated the images for you. Thanks again!
  • How are you making the models? I have so many 3d models of arcade games that I want to make paper models of. Is there some special program I need? I tried Pepakura Designer but it doesen't work it right.

    If you can help that would be great and I would of course share them.
  • Alex:

    I only made this one model, because Galaga wasn't available in the first set that was released. I used Adobe Illustrator and exported the file from there. Since then, other models have been released:
  • No, these three items don't have anything to do with each other. And I hate to admit that I'm using a...
  • I wish someone would make classics like Space Invaders, Berzerk, TRON, Zaxxon, etc.

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