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My wife used to have an inkjet printer that refused to pick up paper. I'd clean the print path, and it would behave okay for a couple of weeks before it needed another cleaning. Each time, I tried to figure out how I could fix it permanently. And each time, I ended up more and more frustrated. It finally occurred to me that it would be so much easier if the printer simply failed, because then, I would be forced to buy a new one, and I wouldn't have to continue fiddling with it. Solution? An old golf club. I dragged the printer out to the sidewalk and introduced it to one of my drivers. Needless to say, the printer didn't survive, but man, did I feel good!

It seems that my solution was low-tech. For a small fee, WeBlowItUp.com will now obliterate your hardware using their Concussive Computer Catastrophe Technology (gotta like the sound of that) and send you a video of the results. Take a look:

Is that cool or what!? Please excuse me...I have to round up some old hardware...

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