Photo Story 3 Available for Download

Photo Story 3 Available for Download

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We released the latest version of Photo Story yesterday, and it is now available for download for Windows XP users. If you're like me, you probably have a hard drive full of digital photos that you'd like to make into an easy-to-download (or e-mail) slide show. Well, this free tool makes that process extremely simple. Here are some of its features:

  • It's very easy to add motion and transitions to give your slide show that Ken Burns documentary effect.
  • You can add your own music or have the system automatically generate custom themes based on several music styles (it does a pretty good job at this).
  • If you have a microphone attached to your computer, you can easily add your own narration.
  • You can retouch your images by correcting color levels, reducing/eliminating red-eye, rotating, or cropping.
  • There are about 10 styles that you can apply to make your images look like they were created with watercolor, colored pencil, chalk or charcoal, or any of a few other styles.
  • This new version can automatically remove any black borders from your image so that it occupies more of the frame (very cool). This is based on work done by Microsoft Research.
  • You can optionally add your own caption for each picture.
  • When you're done composing your slide show, you can have Photo Story create a file for use on your computer, a Pocket PC, a Smartphone, a Portable Media Center, or for sending via e-mail.

Channel 9 has an interesting 24 minute demonstration by Vladimir Rovinsky and a second 28 minute interview with members of the product team. Also, Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows has a good review of Photo Story 3 that is worth reading.

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  • i found a solution: sorry im german but i try to translate it. go to working station, right click on the folder documents, go to properties and than enable it for all users of the network. than it works, yesss

  • I managed to get the program installed and working, but when it is 'building the story' at the end of it all, I get to step 3, and then get 'there is not enough memory or disk space to complete this operation' etc.

    I've done everything it says to do, re-installed, even re-downloaded & re-installed, and tried it on 3 different computers, all with massive HDD's and more than enough RAM, any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I've come to the conclusion that it must be something I've done, otherwise, why would I get the same error message at the same point on 3 different computers?

  • I have the some problem, but in my laptop works fine, but in my desktop gives me the same error can you help me????

    my e-mail it´s

  • I have loved Photo Story 3 . . . up to this point.

    The pictures I take with my camera ( HP with dock ) work fine.  I 'imported' some pics from a cd. . . .and saved them on my hard drive, in a different area from my other pics. They, as mine, are jpeg files. When I put together a photo story,  I can 'bring in' my pictures, and all is well from beginning to end. . .including burning DVD.  I can do same with the other pics, with same results.  However, when using both sets of pics ( and attempting to save 'story' ) error message indicates 'some files are corrupted'.  The last time I attempted a new story using both sets of pics, I did NOT save before making the DVD.  The process was almost complete when an error message indicated that the DVD could not be made and the program needed to be shut down.

    Why could this be happening?

  • I'm having the same problem. I get to the end of the program and try to save it and it tells me that there is not enough memory.  I have tried this at least 8 times.  I have removed and re-installed the program on 2 different computers; today I will try a 3rd.

  • i have completed my photostory in photostory3 only to find out i can not burn it to a vcd.

    i do not have a dvd burner. what to do? Also when i try to play a story withih photostory is says "a device attached to this system is not functioning" I looked and can find no problems within my computer.

                             Please help

  • The following is taken from Margaret Ann, who seems to have the same problem as I do. please help.

    I downloaded  and installed Photo Story 3. I have not yet been successful in saving a project. When I preview my project, everything is find with music/narration, but after I saved the project and tried to playback with Media Center, the music/narration disappeared.

    My window media player does not seem have a number, but should I update it, which version is the best, 10 or 11?

    Would appreciate any help you can give me.

    Thank you.

  • I am taking photo class and my teacher recommended this program

  • i am having the same problem as others.  when i preview my video and its all done i try to save it but it says there is not enough room. i have over 100 gigabytes on my hard drive free. i think that is enough.  but has anyone figured out how to save it?

  • In case anyone's checking back here, I've the same "not enough memory" message when trying to save as "profile for computer-2" format. I've a slide show with 80 photos. However, the "profile for creating DVSs - NTSC (640 x 480)" worked (same size).


  • Is there a way to run this Photo Story 3 on Windows Server 2003?

    Thursday, November 11, 2004 4:06 AM by sunny

    Run this command in the same dir where the ownloaded file is:

    msiexec /i PStory.msi NOLEGITCHECK=1 SKIPOSCHECK=1

    After navigate to installed dir and create a shortcut on your desktop, hope it helps!

    I tried this on Win2008, prob will work with 2003 too...

  • Can someone please tell me how to burn a CD or DVD without downloading Sonic Software of the Photo Story that I have created?

  • this command installed it,

    msiexec /i PStory.msi NOLEGITCHECK=1 SKIPOSCHECK=1

    but it wont run the exe, ive tried compatability etc... any ideas?

  • I installed on Server 2008, not 2003

    Did you create a shortcut of the .exe?

    # re: Photostory on Server 2003

    this command installed it,

    msiexec /i PStory.msi NOLEGITCHECK=1 SKIPOSCHECK=1

    but it wont run the exe, ive tried compatability etc... any ideas?

    Monday, April 07, 2008 3:50 AM by Johno

  • If PS3 says "a device attached to the system is not functioning" there's a good chance this is because another media player, like VLC or Nero, has associated with WMV files.

    Go to one of the menu buttons and select "More Options..." -> "Filetypes" tab. Make sure WMV is ticked and hit "Apply" or "OK".

    You shouldn't need to reinstall WMP.

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