Greater Lansing User Group .NET Presentation

Greater Lansing User Group .NET Presentation

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Last Thursday evening, I gave my presentation on Taming the Software Development Process: Tools, Tips, and Techniques to the Greater Lansing User Group .NET (GLUGnet). It was well-attended, and I'm guessing that there were around 50-60 people there. From what I could tell, there was a mix of students from Michigan State University (where the meeting was held), some hobbyists, and a good number of professionals. A quick, informal survey of the audience revealed that approximately 1/3 of them were lone developers, another 1/3 worked on small team sizes of 2-5, and the remainder worked on teams of more than 5.

Due to a scheduling mishap, both Tom Barnaby (of INETA and Intertech Training) and I were slated to speak. Tom was gracious enough to trim his presentation on Indigo to 45 minutes, and although I tried to trim my talk, I think I still came in at just over an hour. As many who know me will attest, I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut, especially when it comes to technology. The user group seemed to be very interested in both of our discussions, and I stuck around for a healthy Q&A session afterwards. I think I was there for almost an hour talking to the members and students before we finally had to leave.

It was a great evening, and I'd like to thank everyone involved for the opportunity to present. Although the slides aren't as useful out-of-context, you can download them here.

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  • Thank you for the access to the slides! On your first "Code Reviews" slide you have a bullet point stating that Microsoft has found that it takes 3 hours to fix a defect using code inspection versus 12 hours using testing. Would you point me in the direction of the source of that statement? I'm trying to get code inspections started where I work and am gathering statistics to help my case. Thanks!
  • Jonathan...the source of that statement is from one of our internal code review guides at Microsoft. Unfortunately, I don't have any detail as to the specific studies or projects that the numbers came from. However, I would recommend checking out Steve McConnell's "Code Complete: Second Edition"...he has lots of facts and figures around code quality.
  • Mike, you've got to be one of the most knowledgeable, well spoken people i've met. I realized from the Q&A at GV that just about no matter the topic, you can talk about it, and have something intelligent to say. It's very impressive!
  • Matt...thank you very much for the kind words. You realize, of course, that you're only encouraging my behavior, and I'll have an even harder time shutting up from now on. :)
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