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April, 2005

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    Flash in the Can Avalon Presentation Video


    As mentioned previously, I attended the Flash in the Can event in Toronto earlier this month with some other evangelists and members of the Avalon team. I recorded the one-hour (okay, 56-minute) presentation that was given by Karsten Januszewski. If you're interested in Avalon, would like to see Electric Rain's cool ZAM 3D tool, or if you just want cool demos, the video has been posted on Channel 9.

    • Jump to 32:45 for Electric Rain's cool ZAM 3D demo
    • Jump to 44:00 to see some very cool demos being demonstrated by Nathan Dunlap running on post-March CTP bits

    I apologize for the murky video. For some reason, they didn't light the presenters in this room, and it was almost pitch black. Fortunately, the video of the presentation is relatively bright and very readable.

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    Bill Gates' Keynote at WinHEC


    If you weren't able to make it to the WinHEC 2005 conference for Bill's keynote (I wasn't), you can now watch it here. For two Longhorn demos, skip to 1:03:00. To hear about the new Metro print path, skip to 1:30:00. For more on the Metro print path, you can read the recently-posted Metro Print Path FAQ. Can I say "Metro print path" one more time? :-)

    We also announced a hybrid hard disk technology that sounds really cool. I'm all over a faster laptop resume time.

    Update: The WinHEC 2005 Conference Presentations and Papers are now available.

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    Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2


    Although you've probably heard about this elsewhere by now, I figured I'd add my own post to the mix. You can now download Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 from the MSDN Subscriber Downloads site. The following ISO images are available:

    • Visual SourceSafe 2005 Beta 2 (English) - 172.97 MB
    • Visual Studio 2005 Standard Beta 2 (English) - 2.85 GB
    • Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition Test Load Agent Beta 2 (English) - 144.75 MB
    • Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Beta 2 (English) - 273.15 MB
    • Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Beta 2 (English) - 3.75 GB

    If you're interested in deploying an application built with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, you'll want to read about the Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 Go-Live License. Also, many of the whitepapers at MSDN have been updated for Beta 2, so be sure to check out all of the updated content.

    If you have installed previous versions of Visual Studio 2005, such as Beta 1 or Community Technical Preview (CTP) builds of Visual Studio Team Suite, Visual Studio Standard or Visual Studio Professional, then you must uninstall the pre-Beta2 components in the exact order below before beginning to install any version of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. I ran into the exact issues described in the Notes section below, so don't be surprised if you hit them too.

    1. Go to the Control Panel and launch Add/Remove Programs
    2. Remove "Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional" or other related IDE installs such as (Visual Studio Professional/Standard/Enterprise Architect/Team Suite, etc.)
    3. Remove "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition"
    4. Remove "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Tools Express Edition"
    5. Remove "Microsoft SQL Native Client"
    6. Remove "Microsoft Visual Studio 64bit Prerequisites Beta"
    7. Remove "Microsoft MSDN Express Library 2005 Beta"
    8. Remove "Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office System 2005 Runtime Beta"
    9. Remove "Microsoft Device Emulator 1.0 Beta"
    10. Remove "Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Beta"
    11. Remove "Microsoft SQL Mobile 2005 Development Tools"
    12. Remove "Microsoft Visual J# Redistributable Package 2.0 Beta". If you receive an error message, see Note 1.
    13. Remove "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Beta". If you receive an error message, see Note 2

    1. If you see an error removing J# .NET Redistributable Package 2.0 from Add/Remove Programs, please run "msiexec /x {9046F10C-F5E7-4871-BED9-8288F19C70DF}" from a command line window
    2. If you see an error removing .NET Framework 2.0 from Add/Remove Programs, please run "msiexec /x {71F8EFBF-09AF-418D-91F1-52707CDFA274}" from a command line window
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    ZAM 3D: A 3D XAML Modeling Tool


    Electric Rain has released a Community Technology Preview (CTP) build of their new 3D XAML designer called ZAM 3D. Although you can always create and edit XAML files by hand (NOTEPAD anyone?), for more complex scenarios, a tool like ZAM 3D is a godsend. In addition to creating 3D models and interface widgets, elements can be animated and integrated directly into Avalon applications. The XAML that is output by this build is compatible with our March 2005 CTP.

    Some of the available features:

    • Primitive, basic and advanced mesh modeling features
    • Independent object animation
    • Object texturing
    • Specular, diffuse, and ambient color properties for mesh material

    I just returned from the Flash in the Can designer event in Toronto where we demonstrated Avalon along with Electric Rain. It was great to be able to show the tight integration and smooth workflow that a tool like ZAM 3D provides, and the feedback we received at the event was fantastic. I videotaped our one-hour presentation, and I hope that I can post it somewhere on the internet for all to see.

    Also, be sure to visit their ZAM 3D discussion forum to give them feedback about this exciting release.

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