SyncToy for Windows XP

SyncToy for Windows XP

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If you're like me, you probably have thousands of digital photos and documents that you want to backup or copy to external media. In my case, I copy everything to an external 160GB XIMETA NetDisk for safe keeping. I have used the free version of Allway Sync in the past, and I've had very good results. However, we recently released a handy tool for Windows XP called SyncToy, and based on my few days of experience, it appears to do everything I need. Here are a few of its features:

  • Provides easy and flexible copying, moving, and synchronization of files in different directories
  • Manages multiple sets of directories at the same time
  • Can combine files from two folders in one case, and mimic renames and deletes in another
  • Keeps track of renames to files and will make sure those changes get carried over to the synchronized folder

Configuring SyncToy is as easy as setting up one or more folder pairs and corresponding actions for each pair. For example, I might setup one pair to synchronize changes between two folders (which works both ways) and setup another pair to simply echo changes from one folder to another (echo is the action I use for backup purposes). If you want to get more specific, there are additional options that can be configured.

If you'd like to know what operations SyncToy would perform on your folder pairs, you can run the convenient preview feature. The preview feature analyzes the folders, then tells you what it would do if it ran, but—most importantly—it doesn't actually make any of the changes. This is a great way to get comfortable with the tool before letting it loose on your precious files. And if you want to automatically process your folder pairs, there's even a topic in the help file (lookup Schedule in the index) that explains how to schedule SyncToy to run on a periodic basis.

Download SyncToy v1 Beta for Windows XP or to learn more, grab the whitepaper titled: Synchronizing Images and Files in Windows XP Using Microsoft SyncToy.

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  • I have a question about SyncToy and I have not got a response in the MS SyncToy forum.

    I have two files on seperate networked computers where I need to keep the file on one computer updated daily with the changes that occur in the file on the other computer. (Simple so far!)

    The problem is these two files MUST have different filenames. The files are accessed by different applications (databases), and it is not possible to have the "receiving" file have it's name changed.

    I would think this is possible, but I cannot find it in the SyncToy Help or anywhere online

    Please explain how this can be done.

    Thanks so much.

  • Is There any way to run synctoy automatically means if a file is added to source folder then that file automatically added in deestination folder.[using scheduler we can do this but with in timeframe].is there any way to run based upon changes[automatically]?

  • I have two external HD which I want to use to back up my music. I thought echo should work with the master on the left, When I move a file on the master to say under a new directory the sych doen;t delete the directories on the slave.



  • Hi,

    working with SyncToy 2.0 (, Built 12.08.2008, run under Windows XP Home): apart from "path too long" messages you get when the destination path is too long, SyncToy SILENTLY ignores all files where the source path is already too long... a shame :-(

  • As an administrator I don't get alerts when synctoy fails to backup users files from their PCs to the sever. How do I get the alert, any help?

  • I used 2.0 under XP to synchronize between a usb connect harddisk and a network connect harddisk.

    When copying manually there is no problem, but when I synchronize big files, mostly jpg and mp3 files things went awfully wrong. On the copied picture you would see a 10-20% band of the picture and the rest would be gray. Same with copied mp3 files, after 10 seconds the song stops.

    In copying back and forth, this way my entire collection of 60GB of music was entirely ruined. Luckely I could recover from DVD back ups and the history of my account at the store.

    If the same had happened with my pictures I would have lost 12 years of memories. No more Synctoy for me

  • Hello

    Does anyone know where SyncToy saves settings of configuration? I would like to copy settings to another workstation.


  • I got SyncToy to work with my FTP server. First i downloaded a program called 'DirectNet Drive' from Using this program i allocated my FTP server a virtual drive (Z:). Then I could use SyncToy using the Z: drive as my 'right-hand' drive.

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