PDC05 Sessions Online

PDC05 Sessions Online

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If you were unable to attend the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2005 (PDC05) in Los Angeles this year, never fear; 209 breakout sessions, panels, and symposia are now available online. Each session includes a video of the presenter, a navigable index of the content, the PowerPoint presentation itself, and video of any demos. We'll be hosting this content for free, for anyone, for six full months.

And, due to popular blogger and e-mail demand, you can also download each session individually for offline viewing. Just click the Download Presentation link that appears beneath the session information (full session zip files average around 150MB each).

All of the sessions include downloadable PowerPoint presentations, and many of them also include materials (code samples, Visual Studio solutions, papers, etc.).

If the thought of spending 46 full days downloading almost 27GB of content via a 56K dial-up connection doesn’t sound appealing, you can order the 4 dual-layer 8.5GB DVD set here (attendee price: $199, non-attendee price: $499). As a bonus, the DVD set also includes nearly 4GB of Channel 9 video content that was produced for PDC05. All attendees will automatically receive the DVD set, and it is expected to begin shipping in early November.

In case you missed my earlier post, you can right-click on the speaker video, choose Play Speed, then Fast to save yourself some time by watching the presentation at a higher speed. Since there’s over 250 hours of content, this can be a big time-saver.


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  • Are these sessions available for offline viewing ? I remember in from your earlier post that this is being considered ?
  • Sorry about that, I just saw the download link, I'm extremely happy. thanks a ton.
  • Awesome doesn't seems to be enough word to describe this. This can happen only from MS :). I think you have help start a new trend in the developer world. BTW, is these available internally on any share (just to avoid long times in downloads)?
  • Um, I thought the folks who attended the PDC were getting the DVDs for free.
  • They are, thats why it says "All attendees will automatically receive the DVD set"
  • I've just viewed a couple of the presentations online and I have to say they are really good. The audio is very clear and the current slide appearing alongside the video is a nice touch. Well done!
  • The website doesn't appear to work too well in Firefox. In fact it's completely broken. :(
  • This is awesome, but a few questions:

    "(attendee price: $199, non-attendee price: $499). All attendees will automatically receive the DVD set"

    Is that to be read "attendees paid $199 in their PDC ticket price for the DVD"?

    Free download of 27 GB is very cool versus the $499 for non-attendees. Can this be interpreted as support of Bill Gates statement that cd/dvd medium is dead and bandwidth is cheap enough for MS to prefer everyone to download this? Great message to put out if true! It is nice to see MS to support putting an end to needless waste that the cd/dvd are. Now if only we get the promised paperless office finally here...
  • I chuckled a bit with your statement, "If the thought of spending 46 full days downloading ... via a 56K dial-up connection...".

    56k dial-up? But then I tried downloading a couple of presentations just now. Yikes, I am on a high speed broadband connection and I am averaging about 4KB/sec transfer rates from the sitestream site. Ugh! I tested my connection and I get normal fast downloads form other sites, so I know the performance problem is not on my side.

    I only plan on downloading a few of the presentations for offline viewing, and this is a snoozer, so I hope they get some faster bandwidth in the next 6 months.

    Is anyone else seeing the same slow downloads?
  • Mike Dunn/zzz: yes, PDC05 attendees will automatically receive the DVD set. It’s a free benefit for attending the conference.

    (6): Our apologies for the Firefox incompatibility. Unfortunately, all of the content was assembled using Microsoft Producer, and its most recent version—which is still a couple of years old—doesn’t appear to generate Firefox-friendly output.

    zzz: Regarding delivery of the content via online methods versus physical media, the online session downloads were added specifically because of blogger and e-mail feedback. We have many users who can’t easily download 27GB, so DVDs still make sense for them.

    snoozing: It seems that the content we’re delivering is in very high demand at the moment. I would expect the situation to improve as time goes on.

    Kannan/Carlos: thanks for the feedback. We're glad that you find the content to be useful.
  • Thanks for putting this online. Couldn't make it from Australia this year.

    A site performance issue though: the Javascript builds links to a spacer.gif image. This causes a number of pending server hits when a new category is selected (I saw ~70 for the Communication page). This could be done once in a CSS style to avoid the server overhead.
  • OK, the "attendee price: $199" part is what caught my eye.
  • John: Yes that is hilarious. The server is getting bombarded with 80 TCP connections on every click! They coded the page so it would DOS itself to crawling. No wonder the presentation stream pics and .zips are coming at blazing 2 KB/s. The streaming wmv however comes fine so it looks like the bandwidth is not the problem, but the way the site is implemented. The gigs of .zips do not seem to be load balanced properly either.
  • We've been in contact with our vendor and hosting provider about the response issues, and the problem has been escalated. We hope to have a solution soon.

    zzz: You're right that the issue isn't bandwidth...we're using a fraction of what is available. Streaming seems to be just fine. It's the HTTP requests that appear to be the source of the problem.
  • I agree with snoozing - 3Kb/s is what I've been suffering, which is is slower than dialup.

    I've given up - maybe in a week or two I'll try again - is it congestion?
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