PDC05 Sessions Online

PDC05 Sessions Online

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If you were unable to attend the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2005 (PDC05) in Los Angeles this year, never fear; 209 breakout sessions, panels, and symposia are now available online. Each session includes a video of the presenter, a navigable index of the content, the PowerPoint presentation itself, and video of any demos. We'll be hosting this content for free, for anyone, for six full months.

And, due to popular blogger and e-mail demand, you can also download each session individually for offline viewing. Just click the Download Presentation link that appears beneath the session information (full session zip files average around 150MB each).

All of the sessions include downloadable PowerPoint presentations, and many of them also include materials (code samples, Visual Studio solutions, papers, etc.).

If the thought of spending 46 full days downloading almost 27GB of content via a 56K dial-up connection doesn’t sound appealing, you can order the 4 dual-layer 8.5GB DVD set here (attendee price: $199, non-attendee price: $499). As a bonus, the DVD set also includes nearly 4GB of Channel 9 video content that was produced for PDC05. All attendees will automatically receive the DVD set, and it is expected to begin shipping in early November.

In case you missed my earlier post, you can right-click on the speaker video, choose Play Speed, then Fast to save yourself some time by watching the presentation at a higher speed. Since there’s over 250 hours of content, this can be a big time-saver.


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  • Thanks for the links!

    Hopefully I can download them as trying to watching streaming video from here in Africa is aweful painful.
  • Sweet! I'll be waiting for my DVDs. Thank you, and everyone else involved.
  • What I don't understand is why the downloads were not placed on the microsoft servers? Why delegate it to a third party?

  • The Sitestream URL in Michael's post is now DEAD!!

    Hopefully they are working on the problem to get the site back up.

    Service Address:

    This service address is not currently active as a website on this server.
  • zz/snoozing: Our hosting provider made some configuration changes to address the response issues we were seeing. The messages you mention showed up during the transition (I saw them too). Fortunately, it looks like we're in good shape again.
  • "...it looks like we're in good shape again."

    Nope, as of the date and time of this posting, the status has not changed for the URLs (still not working).
  • snoozing: I just tried again, and it's working fine on multiple machines. Can you clear your browser cache and try to reload it? If that doesn't work, please use the Contact Me link on the left, and perhaps we can figure it out.
  • Last Friday I tried clearing the cache, using a different computer, etc., but couldn't connect to the site. This morning (Monday), all is working fine, with 2-3MB/sec downloads, and I quickly got the presentations I needed.

    With the kinks seemingly worked out now, this is a great service offered by Microsoft.

    Thanks Michael, for taking time to respond and for looking into this problem.
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