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Wallpaper Images

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Update: I've re-posted my wallpaper images. Enjoy!

9/29/2011: My last day at Microsoft is September 30, 2011. Because I'll no longer be able to update this blog (it's been graciously provided and hosted by Microsoft), I'm moving to a new blog at http://blog.mikeswanson.com. I'll eventually re-post my images there.

In the meantime, enjoy my Windows 7 Theme!

Thank you.

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  • dude! these images ROCK! very nice work.
  • I love the photos, it brings a bit of nature onto my computer.
  • Awesome pics - and great resolution too!

    thx for sharing it Mike.
  • Great work, Mike, these are excellent images! Keep up the good work
  • Thanks for the kinds words and encouragement, everyone. I really enjoy taking these photos, and now that others appreciate them too, I often look for situations that make "good wallpaper." If anyone has some suggestions, I'd be glad to try to incorporate them into future photos.
  • I like the few that I see, but the zip widescreen link doesn't work. Got any other links so I can see the rest of them?

  • Awesome work... These will look great on my 24" LCD. Thanks!
  • My screen only loaded one thumnail for some reason, but i didnt even bother to wait or try to refresh. I just clicked on the download all and nabbed them. You have an execelent eye for a great shot. I dont take them but my father is a shutter bug and I couldnt help but learn. Your work is amazing. Keep it up.
  • Superb photos - they certainly put mine to shame!
  • I'm interested in what camera you used to take these photos -- I must buy one!
  • My mom makes great lasagna. Should I get the same oven as her?

    It's not the tool, it's the user. Great pix!!
  • Mike, Thanks for sharing. These are great pictures. Congratulations.
  • It's the tool who posts comments like that the makes trolling so much fun...
  • Rafael: Although I generally agree with Nick, I have found that my Nikon COOLPIX 5700 (since replaced by the 8700/8800) takes fantastic macro photos. Almost all of the images on this page were taken with it. The swivel LCD screen allows me to hold the camera in very awkward and unique orientations that I would find difficult (if not impossible) to accomplish with my Canon Rebel XT.
  • Beautiful! Thank you, Sir, for sharing! :D
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