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Wallpaper Images

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Update: I've re-posted my wallpaper images. Enjoy!

9/29/2011: My last day at Microsoft is September 30, 2011. Because I'll no longer be able to update this blog (it's been graciously provided and hosted by Microsoft), I'm moving to a new blog at http://blog.mikeswanson.com. I'll eventually re-post my images there.

In the meantime, enjoy my Windows 7 Theme!

Thank you.

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  • Nice photos!

    I really consider buying a macro lens for my Canon EOS 20D now :).

    If anybody is interested in viewing wallapers I made from my photos, take a look at http://gallery.darkman.de/david
  • Just what I was looking for my widescreen notebook. Awesome!
  • Why don't you sell these photos...they are very good.
  • Hello! it;s useful and interesting site. Thanks!
  • Ive donwloaded a couple of pics - they look so cool. Great shots, thank uuuuu
  • Great pictures! Did you add any color to them electronically? Mine are always so dull and devoid of color :(.
  • All of these photographs are extraordinary. With the amazing work that u do on these, have you ever thought of photographing spider webs or catapillars. If you could, thank would be greatly appreciated.
  • Great job! One of the best works I have seen! Congatutaltions!!!
  • Michael...cool pics...and would appreciate if you could add a "subscribe" button to your RSS..!
  • A truly wonderful collection of macro photography you have here. Thanks for sharing the high resolution pictures so openly; these photographs have profoundly enriched my desktop.
  • Very nice pics !!
    two thumbs !
  • Good job, keep it up !
  • I think the walls are best...by far...
  • Que fotos tan buenas, pero deberia de sacarle a viejas encueradas, con esa camara les veriamos hasta donde no nos imaginamos!!
  • best wallpapers on the net! i use them all the time! thanks!
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