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Update: I've re-posted my wallpaper images. Enjoy!

9/29/2011: My last day at Microsoft is September 30, 2011. Because I'll no longer be able to update this blog (it's been graciously provided and hosted by Microsoft), I'm moving to a new blog at http://blog.mikeswanson.com. I'll eventually re-post my images there.

In the meantime, enjoy my Windows 7 Theme!

Thank you.

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  • Izuzetna umetnička dojmljivost,kreativnost slika na zavidnom nivou,o kvalitetu da i ne govorimo,sve pohvale!Keep that way

  • very nice.tank you


  • On 1/18/2010, I added 4 new images, "fixed" 24 images that had incorrect color spaces, added more large images, and cleaned-up the metadata on all images. The new images are Leaf 71, Leaf 72, Leaf 73, and Reflection 01, all taken on a recent cruise on Oasis of the Seas (a beautiful ship, by the way).

  • gr8 wallpapers yr...wat a clearity....


  • Hey mike gr8 pics i'm really a big fan i'm waiting for more..

    regards t.c

  • Ahoi,

    I wasn't a fan of wallpapers until now. I really like/love your fotos and enjoy the start of my Win7 every day.



  • Your wallpapers are amazing!


  • really i love this wallpaper and i want more. can any one send me the url of any high clarity wallpaper site.

  • this is a splendid collection and i thank you for sharing it. i give animated flash greeting cards to family. these will bring wonderful life to my next year of greeting cards. you seem to have a unique eye for nature because all these photos seem to be a family. i cant find the right words. they are all so unique and different and yet your style shines through, illuminating a harmonious link between them

  • Epic........and awesome!

    Thank you!!



  • Amazing photos. You have great skills. Thank you for sharing your skills with us, I like looking at images like this because it helps me to learn quite a bit.


  • Elles vraiment superbes toutes ces photos !

  • 非常不错,I come form China,会经常光顾,交个朋友

  • Dear Friend,

    You have a very good collection of wallpaper. Keep it up



  • No words can represent those amazing pictures.. Not just great, but I think it's perfect job... Thank you so much to coloring wallpaper on my PC.  I love it..!!!

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