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Wallpaper Images

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Update: I've re-posted my wallpaper images. Enjoy!

9/29/2011: My last day at Microsoft is September 30, 2011. Because I'll no longer be able to update this blog (it's been graciously provided and hosted by Microsoft), I'm moving to a new blog at http://blog.mikeswanson.com. I'll eventually re-post my images there.

In the meantime, enjoy my Windows 7 Theme!

Thank you.

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  • Jeremy...no problem. Link away!

  • All of these are absolutely amazing... I just stumbled upon these while searching for a good widescreen wallpaper for my desktop and wow. I'm an (very) amateur photographer and your work is very inspiring!

    I would love to see the images FLOWER 07, FLOWER 14, and FLOWER 21 as posters you have available for sale, my apartment needs a little color!



  • Amazin´ color, amazin´ light, amiazin´ brightness, amazin´ u!!!


    Great, great pics.

    Thanks for the site.

  • Wonderful :) I can't use another word to telling you...

  • first time i saw the photos, i really get attracted... i like it very much....

  • Thank U!!!! Thanks to Your wonderful images I will have more pleasure when I work in my PC... Such a fine job!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael your work is absolutely wonderful  perfect

     Thank You for sharing such beautiful images with vibrant colors.

  • love your images.  can't pick a fav because they are all so beautiful.

  • cool cool cool

    i love them!!!

  • I have seen here an excellent work. I like a lot take pictures with my digital camera and I have a large collections of images that can be used like wallpapers. You can download for free from http://www.mybackgrounds.tk

    It is an old PC so it could be sometime slow.

  • Wonderful, really good quality wallpepers.

    Cool ~~~~~

  • Really nice pictures!!!


  • Outstanding work...i mean art...

  • Really nice pictures

    rom a real artist

  • Phenomenal work on these photos.  I had a thought - maybe you could do state flowers?  I don't know where you are or how easily you could photograph some of them, but I know here in Texas we're pretty fond of our bluebonnets.  Anyway, it's just a thought.  Keep up the great work! :)

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