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Wallpaper Images

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Update: I've re-posted my wallpaper images. Enjoy!

9/29/2011: My last day at Microsoft is September 30, 2011. Because I'll no longer be able to update this blog (it's been graciously provided and hosted by Microsoft), I'm moving to a new blog at http://blog.mikeswanson.com. I'll eventually re-post my images there.

In the meantime, enjoy my Windows 7 Theme!

Thank you.

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  • Hi Michael, I love your wallpapers!  Sorry I didn't read before I downloaded two of them but I don't have a URL.  What I do with the inages is make jigsaw puzzles for my grandchildren with a program called, BigJig.  If there is a problem with me using them just contact me, Thanks for the lovely work! Vicki...

  • Encontré esta página como un "Error Afortunado", me encantaron las imagenes!

  • Superb ! It really feels like real nature blooming within my machine......

  • Those pics were wonderful... !!! I can feel the nature in front of me...

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing these pictures- they are wonderful.  I was searching for a Christmas-y wallpaper, which eventually led me to this site & I'm quite pleased to say I've found a collection here that will keep me happy well into the new year!

    Wishing you all the best for the holidays and 2007-


  • These pictures are great!  Thanks for sharing.

    - Landon

  • Some really great stuff!  (Reminds me of O'Keefe.)  Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Mike... my flat panel is now a work of art.

  • Amazing pictures - thanks for sharing!

  • Amazing pictures!

    Great job, Mike! :)

  • great work these pictures are really beautiful

    thank you!!!

  • Absolutely breathtaking photos - thank you for sharing them on the web!

  • Thank you

    your wallpaper is beautiful

  • Really good stuff!Pictures are awesome,especially for a wallpaper:)

  • i just wanted this kind of pics to adore my desktop

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