File Formats for Conversion to XAML

File Formats for Conversion to XAML

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As WPF application development continues to pick up steam, it's becoming more and more important to consider which file formats make the most sense for conversion to XAML. Just based on discussions I've had with many of you regarding my Illustrator export plug-in, I know that there are other formats out there that—due to lack of tool support—are very difficult or next-to-impossible to convert to XAML.

So, I'd like to identify a list of "top x" file formats that would help ease the pain for both WPF designers and developers. What tool does your company use to create 2D or 3D content? What file format(s) does it make the most sense to convert? If you don't have an opinion (possibly because you don't work with those tools), please forward this to your design staff. I'm very interested in feedback.

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  • c4d aswell, especially suppport for splines. right now C4D only opens .ai as splines i think..

  • I would love to see a XAML exporter for Cinema 4D! Cinema 4D rocks!!!

    Cinema 4D + Silverlight + WPF = Bye Bye Flash!!!!

  • XHTML text(font size, family, style, etc...) to XAML for textblock elements at least.  Rich text from XHTML should be a basic requirement to convert to XAML textblocks.

  • I have a Visio license and I can draw simple line and box drawings and give names to each box.  I'd like to ship to my customers the Visio drawing and some C# compiled code that can color or highlight a box based on other input to my C# program.  I cannot require my customer to have a Visio license.  So I don't care so much about a particular format; I care about enough compatability to get me an end to end solution.  If that means Visio to SVG to XAML that would be fine, but the code I've seen to do that seems old, unmaintained, and buggy.  

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