Virtual PC 2007 Released

Virtual PC 2007 Released

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We released Virtual PC 2007 today, and as promised, it's completely free. The biggest improvement (at least for me) is that this version of Virtual PC works with Windows Vista as both a host and a guest operating system. Ben Armstrong provides more feature detail in his blog post. The 30MB download is available in both 32- and 64-bit versions.

If you haven't tried a virtualization product before, you might wonder why you'd use one at all. Here are just a few things that I do with Virtual PC, and I seem to find new uses all the time:

  • Use it to run incompatible applications. For example, I have a digital photography tool that doesn't work on Windows Vista yet. So, I've setup a Virtual PC image with Windows XP SP2, and I fire it up whenever I need to use the application. If you can't imagine what I'm talking about, I literally see a window on my Vista desktop that behaves like another machine. The screenshot to the right shows Windows Vista, its start menu, and Word 2007. In addition, you can see a Virtual PC 2007 window running Windows XP SP2 and 3D Pinball.
  • Use it to test applications. Since the Virtual PC machine is indeed virtual, so are its "hard drives." In actuality, the hard drives are stored as files (with a .vhd extension) that you can browse to via your host operating system. This means that any changes you make to the virtual machine are done in isolation. So, if you're testing your software against multiple operating systems, why not have a different virtual machine setup for each possible configuration? It's much more convenient than maintaining a bench full of physical machines. And, if you've setup an undo disk, hard drive changes are written to a separate file so that when you shut down the virtual machine, all of those changes can be discarded. This is an extremely easy way to revert back to a known configuration. Undo disks are also useful for trying out internet downloads in a safe environment.
  • Use it to demo "servers." If you frequently demo software that requires a backend server, it's possible to setup a virtual machine to host your server process. Then, you can run the client application in the host operating system and connect to the server running as a Virtual PC. It's certainly better than lugging around a bunch of extra hardware!

I'm sure there are other uses, and I'd be curious to hear what you do with Virtual PC. Feel free to leave feedback or drop me a note via e-mail.

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  • I have Virtual PC 2007 and MS-DOS 6.22fr, Windows 3.11 VGA(3) driver.

    I Search a SVGA driver 256 colors for Windows 3.11 and Virtual PC 2007.

  • Pfft.  I'm gonna carry on with VMWare till this works properly.  At least then I can share most things between host and guest, including USB, serial ports and proper graphics handling.  Disk space mapping between host and guest works too, so copying from one to the other is trivial.

    Maybe in Virtual PC 2093?

  • I am trying to get better than 640x480x16 graphics on Win98SE VM hosted by Win XP Pro SP2 (2.GBy RAM). VM Additions have not helped. I have found two "homemade" drivers for my NVIDIA PCIe Ge 8500 GT card, but they cause error protection faults at boot. Is there a major problem with PCIe cards under Virtual PC 7? Is there a known workaround? All comments most welcome. --G

  • to run windows server 2003, you need to press control atl and delete, this however also brings up task manager in windows xp (the computer's main software)  is there a way to do this (get into 2003 in either full screen or little screen) without bringing up xp's task manager

  • Hi dwgjr330,

      As per ur question(Ctrl+Alt+Del) u need to go for Actions menu which is availble in VPC 2007. Coming to ur full screen just press Alt+Enter it will show u the full screen as well as small screen what ever u want. screen will adjust depending on ur resultion.


  • Hi mswanson ,

      I have one question that I need to connect Internet for my VPC 2007. I have wire less net connection. If I want access net from my VPC 2007 how Can I. I installed Win Server 2003 in my VPC. Please help me regarding this.


  • Architecture/SOA Blaine Wastell has posted that PAG planning an update of the Smart Client Software Factory to be released in late April of this year. They are encouraging feedback at and enter critical items into the

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