Many of the MTC architects are celebrating the holidays with their families this week. In lieu of tips and tricks this week, we are sharing one of our customer success stories. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Exceedra is a leading provider of IT solutions that help consumer packaged goods companies and retailers manage their commercial operations and supply chains. In response to customer requests for cloud-based solutions, the company redesigned its core software for the Windows Azure platform. This strategic move is helping Exceedra customers, while significantly expanding the solution provider’s ability to speed up its sales cycle and reach new global markets and customer segments.

As part of the design process, Exceedra created a proof of concept at a Microsoft Technology Center facility near London. “Working with the Microsoft team at the MTC, we were able to architect, build, and test a complete solution on Windows Azure,” says Richard Nicholas, Director and Co-Founder of Exceedra. “It was an invaluable step in the process of becoming a cloud-based solution provider.” 

View the full case study and video featuring the Exceedra here.

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