It is important for stock market investors to have the right tools to analyze stock prices and dividends. Investors include individual retail investors; institutional investors, such as mutual funds, banks, insurance companies, and hedge funds; and publicly traded corporations trading their own shares.

In this video, I demonstrate how three different roles can use Microsoft technology to analyze semi-structured stock data from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE):

  1. The Data Architect collects data and makes information accessible to the business. He will use a Hadoop-based distribution on Windows Azure and Hive queries to aggregate historical stock and dividend data.
  2. The Financial Analyst will analyze stock data and prepare ad-hoc reports to support trading and management processes. She will use the Microsoft Power Query for Excel add-in to join aggregated data from Hadoop with additional information on top of 500 S&P companies from the Windows Azure Marketplace. Additionally, she will create ad-hoc reports with the Power View feature in Microsoft Excel.
  3. The Trading Executive is responsible for understanding key decision makers and suggesting the best product mix of securities. He will make some modifications to the Power View reports provided by the Financial Analyst.



Ivan Kosyakov, Ph.D., is a Technical Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Moscow. He is the founder and first leader of the Russian Business Intelligence Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Chapter. Ivan’s areas of interest include business intelligence, enterprise architecture, public sector, banking, and energy.