Health and Human Services organizations in Mexico are striving to improve the delivery of health services to their patients in a cost-effective way. Some of the challenges they face include improving caregiver collaboration, better managing and analyzing data, incorporating telemedicine, understanding how cloud technologies can benefit their organizations, managing and improving patients’ care, among others.

Some of the main challenges that our public administration customers face include the inability to diagnose patients in remote or rural areas due to the lack of medical specialists and the very high costs of transporting patients for diagnosis or treatment.

In 2012, the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Mexico City worked with local and global health industry solution partners to develop solutions that help address these challenges. The result was a new briefing, called the Health and Human Services Briefing, tailored to meet the needs of this industry.  

Figure 1. Health and Human Services solutions shown at the MTC Mexico City

At the highest level, our health customers are looking to reduce costs and the ability to improve healthcare delivery. In response, we cover the following content:

  • Collaboration and Communication in Health: Care team collaboration, telemedicine, and medical education scenarios.
  • CRM for Health: Outreach management, case coordination, and condition management. 
  • Population Health Management for Public Health and Social Services Institutions: How governments and health ministries around the globe are better managing chronic conditions, infectious disease, and social services with better decision support, interactive geospatial systems, and by harnessing the power of big data.
  • Telemedicine: How to improve the reach of specialized care with technology. For example, our partner Polycom delivers solutions for healthcare that work with Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft SharePoint Server environments. One of the telemedicine solutions demonstrated at the MTC Mexico City is Polycom´s practitioners cart with examination cameras, image capture, storage software, and medical examination devices, such as electronic stethoscope, otoscope, and ultrasound equipment.            
  • Flexible Work Style: How tablets are impacting the delivery of health services. We demonstrate how Windows 8 devices can deliver the right apps and data to the clinician/user securely wherever they are. Find more about it here.
  • Innovate, Measure, and Manage the Patient Journey and Outcome-Based Patient Experiences: Windows 8 + Apps + Devices + Kinect as a modern technology solution platform that enables Health and Human Sciences organizations to develop and deploy secure, innovative, and immersive experiences for healthcare consumers. 

Specialized partner solutions that are available at the MTC include:

The MTC Health and Human Services briefings showcase innovative technologies to improve healthcare in Mexico. Some so these solutions were showcased during our opening event in October 2011.

Mexico’s former President Felipe Calderon at the MTC Mexico City opening event.

Showcasing a local partner telemedicine practitioners cart using Microsoft Lync and Polycom technologies at the MTC Mexico City.

We also hosted an innovation day for a Worldwide Eye Hospitals Congress. The Congress brought together CEOs and hospital administrators from 15 of the top Eye Hospitals in Europe, Asia, and Mexico. They spent one day at the MTC in Mexico City where they were able to experience health technology innovation. Their feedback was that the MTC environment and team of experts allowed them to envision the future in caregiver collaboration and modern apps that they can benefit from in their hospitals around the world.

The MTC Mexico City is making every effort to ensure that our Health customers are able to deliver high-quality care to their patients. Please be sure to visit the sites below to learn more about solutions from Microsoft.

Microsoft Health Resources:


Celina Garcia Keller is the Director of the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Mexico City. She joined Microsoft in 2003 and met Bill Gates when she organized the 2007 Government Leaders Forum in Cartagena, Colombia. She enjoys spending time with family, music, art, and cooking with her two children Maria Fernanda (3) and Francisco (10). Francisco demonstrates how children use Windows 8 devices, apps, Xbox, and Kinect technologies for local congressmen at the MTC and the response has been awesome.


Jesus Bonequi Olvera is the CTO of the MTC in Mexico City and has been with Microsoft for more than 13 years in different roles in marketing, product management, sales, solutions, and services. His peers know him for being extremely savvy in just about any topic you may encounter, technology related or not. His passions are family and technology. Ask him about anything and odds are he knows the answer. You may contact him at