MTC Philadelphia: Why You Should Consider a Move to Office 365

MTC Philadelphia: Why You Should Consider a Move to Office 365

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Recently, I had a conversation with a customer who had some reservations about her company’s move to Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online. She wanted to know if other large organizations had made the transition, if there were case studies attesting to other organizations’ successes, and what are some of the benefits of Office 365 that companies should consider.

In the following video, I address the customer’s concerns and talk about some of the reasons why a large organization should consider Office 365 and Exchange Online.

For more information about the topics I discussed in the video, please visit:

  Michael Gannotti is a Technical Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a frequent speaker in the areas of social media, mobility, and devices. With more than 65,000 followers online, Michael is well known in the collaboration space for his work and was cited by Forbes Magazineas one of the top 10 online influencers in the SharePoint collaboration community worldwide.
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  • Unlimited archiving is the big win!! Okay Mike, you've challenged me to dig deeper to be sure I'm not missing out on providing best in league services :)

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