A Special Office 365/Office Pro Plus Webcast for Your Organization!!

With Microsoft Office 365, the flexibility organizations have in their deployment of Office 2013 has increased. However, this may increase the number of decisions to be made. Do you provide a self-service model? Do you stick with a centralized deployment model? Do you leverage the new virtualization options to deliver Office to your PC users? What investments has Microsoft made to ease the transition to a new version of Office?

Organizations tackling these options need to understand the implications and benefits of these different approaches in order to deliver the best experience to their users with the optimal method for their infrastructure.

When: Join the Live Webcast, Wednesday, March 19th, 11:00 am EDT to 12:30 pm EDT at this site.

Presenters: Microsoft Technology Specialist Bruce Weaver and Technical Architect Todd Furst will join host Michael Gannotti to provide an overview of options. All three presenters have helped numerous organizations navigate this new world of client deployment and will bring their real world deployment experience to the session. Additionally, attendees will be able to interact with the presenters and ask questions.


    • What?
      • What is new?
      • MSI vs Click To Run
    • Why?
      • Get out of upgrade jail
      • Office as a service
      • Per user/many devices licensing
    • How?
      • Old model of deployment
      • New model, click to run
      • Telemetry
      • Content Delivery Networks
      • Configuration Options
      • Side by side Office versions
      • Controlling Office deployments and updates
    • Call To Action
      • Spinning up a demo environment with Fast Track
      • Resources for your deployment
      • Contacts

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