Audio-Video: HDMI vs. HD-SDI. For the last two years, MTC Architect Dean Suzuki has been webcasting. One of the lessons he wanted to share (and hopefully will save you some time and/or money) is about whether to use HDMI or HD-SDI as the connection between your video cameras and your video switchers and the Lync PC. Dean's full post with his recommendations can be found here.

Live Streaming In SharePoint With Azure. MTC Architect Michael Gannotti has been delivering live streaming sessions for about a month now and he has been asked how he does it. In this Michael on the Go video he discusses how he delivers live streaming sessions that can scale from 2 users to 200,000 using simple equipment and the power of Azure Media Services.

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview - What It Is And Isn’t. Earlier this week, Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview for developers to get a jump start on writing and testing applications with the upcoming phone OS update. In this Michael on the Go video (edited on his Dell Venue 8 Tablet) MTC Architect Michael Gannotti talks about what the preview is, what it isn’t, and shares a tip to help you maximize battery life with the preview.