Join Us Monday April 28th for Live Webcast with Special Guest Chris Finlan from Data Zen. Join us Monday at 12:00 pm Eastern for a special edition of Mid-Day Cafe hosted by the MTC Philadelphia. We will feature special guest Chris Finlan who will be covering/demoing the Business Intelligence capabilities of Data Zen. Dr. Device will also present as well as our weekly coverage of Microsoft tech news and more.

The agenda for this week:

  • Broadcast Opening
  • Microsoft Weekly Tech News
  • Device of the Week - Featuring Dr. Device
  • Bits & Bytes - Special Guest Chris Finlan. Datazen is a long time Microsoft partner that provides a powerful data visualization platform that integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft stack to provide the following benefits:
    • Datazen has a mobile first approach and was designed from the ground up to provide cross-platform support and native applications for all mobile devices.
    • The touch based dashboard designer and rich UI experience for the end-user that is centered around the Windows 8 platform
    • The deep integration with all the parts of the Microsoft stack you own and are licensed for - SQL Server, SSAS, SharePoint, Excel, Azure, Windows 8, and Windows Phone
    • The ability to leverage custom map shapes and other visualizations of any type to provide a truly unique end-user experience customized to their industry needs
    • The unique ability to white-label the product and provide customers a fully-branded solution in any app store you choose (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8)
    • The freemium licensing model that allows any user of the organization to start using the product with Excel spreadsheets at no cost, with the premium step-up offering against live data sources with several additional features available at a cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year over competitor solutions like Tableau
  • App of the Week
  • Mailbag
  • Open Q&A
  • Upcoming Events
  • Close

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