Connected SharePoint App Parts. Last year Richard diZerega from the MTC Dallas authored a post on using SharePoint 2013's embed code web part as an alternative to custom app parts. The embed code approach has the advantage of not using IFRAMEs, but isn’t repeatable, relies on the client for all application logic, and eliminates the use of server-side technologies like ASP.NET and MVC. But is the fact that app parts use IFRAMEs really that bad? IFRAMEs provide a nice security boundary/sandbox and doesn't mean the user experience has to be compromised. You see, apps parts can reference styling from the host web and can even communicate to the host web for resizing. But can they support complex web part capabilities such as connections with other app parts? In this post, Richard outlines an approach to communicate between app parts using HTML5 technologies that should work in any modern browser.

Virtual Lab: Building Windows Phone and Windows apps with Microsoft App Studio This Friday!  Are you involved with local community organizations, schools, sports teams, or just want to follow the latest around your interests, professional or personal? Want to keep your/team/department up-to-date with the latest info around a given focus? If so then be sure to tune in this Friday. May 9th at 11:00am-12:30pm Eastern, for a special, no code, online virtual workshop “Building Windows Phone and Windows Apps with Microsoft App Studio" hosted by the MTC Philadelphia.

Attendees will be provided all the files and resources needed to complete their first application. Then they will be walked through the building and publishing of their application. Along the way attendees will gain the knowledge and skills needed to create rich applications that can run on both the Windows Phone platform as well as on Windows PC’s and tablets. During the hands on lab attendees will also be able to ask the presenters questions, all from the comfort of their own desk. So sign up, pack a lunch, and get ready for an interactive session sure to please and educate. For more information, please see this link.