MTC Studio Atlanta: How to Get the Most out of Azure Storage

MTC Studio Atlanta: How to Get the Most out of Azure Storage

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In the video below, Microsoft Technology Center Architect Chris Mitchell discusses how Microsoft Azure Storage can be used to solve numerous business challenges. Chris details what Azure Storage is, how it can be used, and common questions about security and disaster recovery. Find out more about how the products you may already have in your environment can benefit from Azure Storage, including Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server, and System Center.


Chris Mitchell, a Technology Architect at the MTC Atlanta, has more than 15 years of experience delivering Microsoft solutions. Chris started his career as an application developer and then quickly embraced databases and business intelligence (BI) as a core competency. In his role at the MTC, Chris frequently executes performance and scalability tests of high throughput OLTP applications, high volume data warehouses, and high scale BI solutions. Prior to his role at the MTC, Chris worked as an Architectural Consultant, focusing on BI solutions for Fortune 100 companies.

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  • One question about doing storage with Azure.  What is the recommended bandwidth and/or Pipe size that is needed to do this?  


    Clair Dohn

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