The Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in São Paulo, Brazil, offers a Strategy Briefing on Smart Banking which includes a collection of demo scenarios to inspire banks to transform their customer and employee experiences using Microsoft, Avanade, and Accenture technologies and innovations.

During the briefing, we demonstrate the potential customer experience at a branch of the future using Kinect sensors, smartphones and tablets running the Windows 8 operating system in combination with a discussion about trends for the banking industry.

Topics include:

  • Customer on the Go: Concepts of Digital Signage, Personal Spaces, and Appointment Scheduling
  • Modern Advisory Services: Virtual Greeter, Integrated Desktop, and Shared Advisory Experience
  • Next-Generation Self Service: Based on expanded functionality, multifactor authentication, Remote Advisor
  • Banker Mobility: Secure Mobility, Mobile Applications, Enterprise Social, Communications-enabled business processes

The MTC São Paulo team uses the Envisioning Center to showcase Smart Banking:

The Mobile Advisor: We demonstrate mobile conversations happening between the customer and the bank advisor. By using the Nokia Beamer App, it is possible to present to the audience the content we have from the Windows Phone. During other interactions between the Windows Phone and kiosks, we can use Nokia Beamer to share the screen from a smartphone with the audience. You can experience Nokia Beamer here.

The Advisor Office: We support the Advisor Workstation from Smart Banking. We have a set of apps to support common actions taken during a conversation between the financial advisor and the customer. Windows 8 apps from Avanade can create a great experience around the decision making process. Some of the apps we are using include:

: This app improves productivity and customer service. It is used for scenarios like 'Advisor Desktop' where employees can search customers, review customer information, receive system reminders like meeting requests, and prepare for meetings. In this context, the sidebar app is an internal functional marketplace of small productivity apps.

My HealthWealth: This application allows the simulation of a retirement plan for the fictitious Bank from Avanade banking scenarios. The advisor can choose from a different set of plans, perform simulations with different amounts to create different budgets, etc. The application also allows the banker to perform video calls in Skype with a subject matter expert, share the information using Windows 8 share contract, and close the deal with a signature validation process.

My Workstation: The My Workstation app shows reporting, operations, and simulators for helping a bank advisor. The app enables account reviews, credit cards status, etc.

People Directory: This app allows an executive to look for an available advisor to contact during the conversation with a bank customer.

The Digital Sign: The Virtual Greeter app from Avanade works with Kinect and a Windows-based tablet. It allows the customer to arrange a meeting with a financial advisor, deliver tailored financial solutions, or locate the nearest bank branch from an in-branch kiosk or personal mobile device. We discuss trends using Kinect to capture the reaction from a customer inside the branch and demonstrate how Kinect and the Virtual Greeter can provide a meaningful experience for the customer in the branch.

The Kiosk: The Grab & Go App from Avanade demostrates how Kinect and Windows Phone can work together. Customers can capture documents and other media by using a Kinect sensor, moving from the screen into their Windows Phone. The customer can then access all of the content captured on his smartphone. This is a good alternative for paper-based brochures about products and banking offerings.

The Smart Banking Briefing is a great way to experience the future of banking using Microsoft and partner technologies!

See more information about Smart Banking here.


Waldemir Cambiucci is Chief Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in São Paulo, Brazil. He is active in the IT community, frequently speaking at IT events about innovation, technologies, cloud, and Big Trends in IT. Waldemir is a computer engineer, holds a master’s degree in computer engineering, IASA CITA-F, TOGAF, ITIL Foundation Certified, and writes regularly for magazines such as the Business Review Brasil. Check out Waldemir’s blog or connect via LinkedIn.