Office 365: How To Retain Mail Data in Office 365 Mailboxes For Users Who Have Left the Company. MTC Irvine Architect Dean Suzuki discusses the need for companies to retain email of people who have left the company for compliance purposes. Learn more about a new feature called "inactive mailboxes" so that companies do not need to keep Office 365 licenses assigned to these users in Dean's blog post here.

Microsoft Azure: How To Move a Virtual Machine Between Azure Cloud Services. Dean Suzuki also discusses his work to build virtual machines in Microsoft Azure. He discovered if he uses the default set of options in the wizard, each virtual machine gets provisioned into a new cloud service. He was moving along and then got a warning that he had hit my limit of 20 cloud services...Learn more about how he addressed this issue in his blog post here.

Announcement: Mid-Day Café Hosted by MTC Philadelphia will resume on June 29th as the host Michael Gannotti will be on vacation. The presentation will feature all the devices and apps Mike has used during his vacation. Learn more here.