Demo of Application for Airline Industry to Track Passenger Misconduct. The technology architects at the Dallas MTC created a demo application for the travel industry on Windows 8. This application monitors passenger "misconduct" or when a passenger's actions go against what is allowed by the FAA or the airline. When these incidents occur, airline employees record the incident so that it can be investigated and reported to the proper authorities if necessary. The application had to be tablet-friendly and be able to operate in an offline mode so that flight attendants and pilots could use it on the plane. On the back end, a business analyst can change the data collected by the application and can incorporate workflow for the incident to be investigated and signed off.  Finally, the application has reporting capabilities so that trends could be identified and addressed to close the loop on the business process. In this video, the Dallas MTC team demos each aspect of the application.

Reminder: Mid-Day Café hosted by the MTC Philadelphia will resume on June 29th as the host Michael Gannotti will be on vacation. The presentation will feature all the devices and apps Mike has used during his vacation. Learn more here.