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February, 2004

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    Metadata Mapping in O-R Mapping Technology

    In my previous post I described the benefits of using Object-Relational Mapping (O-R Mapping) technology in regards to the encapsulation of change. In this post and several subsequent posts I'm going to delve into some of the basic designs used in O-R...
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    Object-Relational Mapping Systems Encapsulate Change

    Why have an object-relational mapping (ORM) system? Because change happens. There's no getting around it. I'll concede that ORM would not be necessary if you built a piece of software or data source which never had to be updated, extended, customized...
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    Welcome - From the Depths

    Intro Welcome to my blog from the depths of Microsoft. While I am as low as you can go in the org chart in that I have no one reporting to me, that doesn't make my role any less important. I am a software design engineer in the Developer Division ...
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