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Matt Thalman's blog: Senior developer working on Microsoft's Visual Studio LightSwitch product.

August, 2004

  • From The Depths

    The Good and The Bad of Dogfood

    When first becoming a Microsoft employee, I was excited to get to see and use many of our products before they were released to the public. Most people love to be the one of the first at trying out brand new software. After a while, the novelty wore off...
  • From The Depths

    Distinguishing Compositions and Associations

    For all the application developers out there, this is a request for comments. In business apps there are generally two types of relationships: compositions and associations. Compositions are tightly-coupled relationships where the composition's lifetime...
  • From The Depths

    Search Engine Game Show

    Sometimes it's crazy the things you think of when you wake up in the middle of the night. Last night was one of those nights. About 3am, I woke up, and then... Search Engine Game Show. What an idea! Have a trivia game show where the contestants have a...
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