Alfred Thompson blogged today about this "how to" video on YouTube (nod of thanks to Alex's blog) that goes through how to make a movie with Windows Movie Maker 2 (aka MM2). It's amazing what you can accomplish with this simple, free app.

I use other commercial apps, including Adobe Premiere Pro v1.5 and Pinnacle Systems' Studio v10 (which is bundled as part of Microsoft Digital Image Suite PLUS) but I find that MM2 is very fast for "sketching" out videos and titles for work and home. I spent some time this summer trying out Studio, which has some nice built in features and more advanced title management and creation. I've been using Premiere since it first came out so I'm partial to Adobe for more advanced work, and I've always liked the workflow and layout. But I do the bulk of our stuff at home in MM2.

You'll also find a good set of tutorials on Movie Maker at Mightycoach, and high-level lessons available at Presentationsoft.

And of course, these links from a past post...

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