iPod nanos 

As I mused in my guess on Apple's next "showtime", Apple did announce today an upgrade to iTunes, some new iPods (including a new iPod, iPod shuffle and iPod nano) as well as a device to stream television programming to the TV with Apple's "iTV"...

"... customers can purchase and download [programs] to watch on their computers and iPods, and soon on their flat screen televisions with Apple’s upcoming iTV* player. Movies will become available on the iTunes Store."

"* - the project’s internal code name and will not be the final product name."

I was really hoping that we would see something more breakthru, perhaps a new subscription service for TV shows (a la Rhapsody) delivered to your TV via a new Apple device. No new iMacs or Mac minis with TV tuners, no improvements to Front Row.

I'm looking forward to a new family of appealling, media-savvy Windows Vista Media Center based devices over today's Windows Media Center 2005 (which I like and use), supporting the Xbox 360 as a Media Center Extender. 

With a nod to the new iPods... My son -- he's 8 -- announced last week during a visit to CompUSA that he's now saving up his money for a new Zune device. This from a boy who was all geared up to buy a Nintendo DS or a Creative Zen media player...

Zune logo

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