This question came today from Kim, drowning under a mountain of email...

"I'm getting a lot of email at work and at home. Are there some strategies and features you recommend in Outlook for managing email?"

As noted, I like lifehacker and particularly enjoyed the post on Merlin Mann's presentation on managing mail. This was a presentation to Google employees "on dealing with the daily onslaught of email, and the video's now available to the rest of us."

"Merlin's full presentation (slides available here)... is based on his excellent Inbox Zero series at 43 Folders. His system inspired most of the empty inbox proclamations here on Lifehacker, so this is your chance to hear it from the horse's mouth. Thanks to Merlin and everyone at Google for making this one available to the public."

Yes, thanks. ;)

I also recommend these links on managing email:

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