Of interest: Benjamin J. Romano posts on the Seattle Times blog that Microsoft Photosynth was used to process images from the latest Endeavour mission.

"A few days before the shuttle launched, Microsoft posted several sets of photographs of the shuttle in the Vehicle Assembly Building and on the launch pad. They were in the company's new 3-D photo-viewing environment, Photosynth.

"The new collection includes images of the shuttle captured Aug. 10 before it docked at the International Space Station. "Endeavour did a complete somersault enabling astronauts to photograph the shuttle's bottom-side. The photos were then sent back to NASA for analysis and later shared with Microsoft LiveLabs to compile a 'synth,'" a Microsoft representative said in an e-mail. The new photo collection can be accessed here."

Adam Sheppard, GPM in Live Labs, posted about the collaboration with NASA, as Space Shuttle astronauts photographed the shuttle (including the damage on the bottom).

Click here to install the Photosynth viewer and experience for yourself.