Lynn asks...

"We just got a new PC at home, and we moved all of our old files to it.  How should I back up my new Windows Vista computer?"

First, check out the information on the Windows Backup and Restore Center page: in Windows Vista, this is one way to manage computer backup and restore.

S.E. Slack also has an article on our main web site, Back up your data, as she looks at why you should back up your content. She is a lifestyle and technology writer with more than 10 books to her credit.

"In this article, I'll explain the basics of backups and show you how to use the Windows Vista Backup and Restore Center. You'll also learn how to back up Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 e-mail so that even if your hard drive crashes suddenly, you've still got access to the e-mail you need. Creating and implementing a backup plan now will save a lot of frustration in the future."

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