LNB asks...

"My lap top speakers are not working. No sound comes out of them but when I plug in headphones, the sound works just fine. I haven't dropped or spilled anything on my computer. I can't remember when the last time I heard sound out of the speakers--approximately two weeks ago? (I usually use head phones.) Any ideas what it could be or how I fix it?"

My apologies for the difficulty you have had with your speakers.

First, take a look at http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-US/Help/1e87a3e8-c0e8-49af-980f-9eb6686f42d21033.mspx#EI - it could be that the settings for your speakers in the Sound control panel is off. 

Next, many laptops feature a function (F) key combination that toggles speakers on and off - take a look if your laptop keyboard has an F-key linked to audio or speaker controls and try pressing alt-Fkey to turn the speakers on and off.

For future, immediate self help, you may wish to use the search feature at http://search.live.com/, http://support.microsoft.com/contactus/cu_inventory, or visit the main Microsoft Support page at http://support.microsoft.com/.  In the US, you may also use one of the free customer support features such as real-time chat at http://support.microsoft.com/contactus/cu_sc_more_master#tab1.