Going to Fiji anytime soon? Or scheduling LiveMeetings with a thriving supplier in the region? Then you'll want to know about the latest changes to their changes to daylight saving time (aka DST).

As found over on the Microsoft Daylight Saving Time & Time Zone Blog, there is a link to the Hotfix for Windows OS releases available for Fiji 2009/2010 Daylight Saving Time

Fiji government has approved the re-introduction of daylight saving time in Fiji, from Sunday, November 29th 2009 at 2.00 am to Sunday, April 25th 2010 at 3.00 am.  This hotfix updates the start and end of Daylight Savings Time (DST) for Fiji in 2009.

Microsoft has produced a hotfix to implement this change.  If interested in downloading this hotfix, please refer to KB 977748 titled: “A hotfix is available to update the Daylight Saving Time for the Fiji Standard Time time zone for the year 2009 for Windows XP-based, Windows Server 2003-based, Windows Vista-based, Windows Server 2008-based, Windows 7-based and Windows Server 2008 R2-based computers”.

Hotfix download is available
Hotfix Download Available
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Also available via http://bit.ly/836fYb