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  • Blog Post: Post a few more signs

    Ok, so we're taking the family out for the day to Bainbridge Island. On our way to the terminal, we noticed that we encountered not just one or two signs that ensured we stayed on the right route to the terminal, we had more than eleven signs (we lost count) directing us... Of course, due to a glitch...
  • Blog Post: Marc Benioff says "The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That makes Google my best friend."

    An article of interest on CRM from Rich Tehrani of Customer Interaction Solutions. He asked Marc Benioff of "what he thought about all of the consolidation in the market..." Marc Benioff said that "organic growth is slowing in the client-server space and these companies must...
  • Blog Post: Blog: Are great strategic thinkers born or made?

    Interesting post from Michael Watkins on How to Think Strategically , "Are great strategic thinkers born or made? The answer turns out to be “yes.” Yes, individuals sit somewhere on a spectrum of innate talent and yes, you can develop that talent. "Approaches to develop your strategic thinking...
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