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  • Blog Post: Dell showcases a new 10-inch Windows 7 tablet

    Just showcased today from Dell, their new prototype of a 10-inch Windows 7-based tablet, due out later this year. This from engadget today . On a side note, there's also this on Dell's new Streak 7 . Nice form factor.
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 Tablet PC, Kindle or iPad? The "why" behind the "buy"

    The other day I mused about What to buy: an iPad or a Windows 7 Tablet PC? I offered a few suggestions, but wanted to provide more on the "why" behind the decisions. I think that the challenge comes to whether or not you plan to just consume information and entertainment on a device and then those...
  • Blog Post: What to buy: an iPad or a Windows 7 Tablet PC? Here are a few suggestions

    I saw this evening that my friend Beth (aka techmama ) is considering a new tablet for general computing, like surfing the web, editing her blogs and (no doubt) tweeting. I mentioned that she should consider getting an inexpensive Windows 7 convertible tablet PC vs. an iPad. There are lots of nice...
  • Blog Post: New Tablets, Slates, and Pads: oh, my. 2010 will be an interesting, touch-fueled year.

    Today's been a busy day, what with work and getting pinged with the press on the new tablet products coming from Silicon Valley, as noted here with an inside look at the HP Slate (the model that made its debut at CES). None other than HP's CTO Phil McKinney shows off the the Slate in a "History...
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