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  • Blog Post: Recovering a Hyper-V virtual disk (with its snapshots)

    My work at Microsoft involves using lots of Virtual Machines and snapshotting their states along the way. Every now and then the physical host machine needs to be reimaged, and not always the virtual machines have been exported (to be imported back, if needed). So here is a way to recover from this...
  • Blog Post: Refreshing PowerPivot Gallery thumbnails

    Let's assume that for some reason something got corrupted and you want to regenerate the thumbnails for a given workbook in a PowerPivot Gallery. You can either change the properties for the workbook, which will create an event that will trigger the regeneration of the thumbnails (more details at Dave...
  • Blog Post: Debugging a PowerPivot for SharePoint installation

    It turns out that it's pretty straightforward joyful thing to do. The Analysis Services server, PowerPivot included, uses the SQL Server setup infrastructure, and so does its setup logging. First off, you go where the logs are placed. You can find them at [SystemDrive]\Program Files\Microsoft SQL...
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