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  • Blog Post: Backing Up MMC Settings

    One of the things I hate about switching computers is losing all my customized MMC settings especially the Saved Queries configured in Active Directory Users & Computers (ADUCs). A few days ago I switched cubes at my customer site and proceeded to reconfigure my new system. When I opened ADUCs for...
  • Blog Post: How to Create Custom Active Directory LDAP Searches

    A nice feature in Windows Server Active Directory is the ability for an administrator to create saved queries in Active Directory USers % Computers to return common information within the Directory. The queries you can create through the GUI are pretty basic so to get the real benefit you need to create...
  • Blog Post: How to Query Individual Properties of the "userAccountControl" Active Directory User property using LDAP

    I was working with a customer this week who was asking me how to query Active Directory for valid, active users accounts that were not service accounts. I made a couple of assumptions; an active account would not be disabled and only service accounts would be set to PASSWORD NEVER EXPIRES. Initially...
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