Murray Sargent: Math in Office

I'm a software development engineer in Microsoft Office and have been working mostly on the RichEdit editor since 1994. In this blog I focus on mathematics in Office along with some posts on RichEdit and the early Windows days

October, 2006

  • Murray Sargent: Math in Office

    Mathematical RTF

    This post discusses the Word 2007 math RTF control words. A good way to understand these control words is to note that they are actually OMML tag names written with RTF syntax. Hence you can refer to the very thorough OMML documentation for more detailed...
  • Murray Sargent: Math in Office

    Some RichEdit History

    A couple of comments have raised the question of people outside Microsoft using the various versions of RichEdit. Specifically, Teis Johansen asks, "Just to be sure. Can I redistribute RichEdit 6.0 with my application?" and Kyle Alons asks, "So what's...
  • Murray Sargent: Math in Office

    RichEdit versions

    Recurring questions are what RichEdit's are available, where they are installed and what features they have. A relatively new question is which RichEdit's support the new Office math editing and display. So this post attempts to answer these questions...
  • Murray Sargent: Math in Office

    MathML and Ecma Math (OMML)

    Before comparing these two math XMLs, I'm excited to point you at Jennifer Michelstein's nifty post on Equations in Word 2007 . It comes complete with instructive videos demonstrating how to enter mathematical expressions using the Equation Ribbon as...
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