Murray Sargent: Math in Office

I'm a software development engineer in Microsoft Office and have been working mostly on the RichEdit editor since 1994. In this blog I focus on mathematics in Office along with some posts on RichEdit and the early Windows days

February, 2013

  • Murray Sargent: Math in Office

    RichEdit 8 Performance Improvements

    This post describes a couple of performance improvements introduced in RichEdit 8: 1) a more efficient display tree, and 2) a faster rich-text formatting mechanism. Performance is always of interest, partly to make the user experience more enjoyable ...
  • Murray Sargent: Math in Office

    A Math Build-up Bug

    I didn’t think we had any serious math build-up bugs thanks to very extensive testing, but there was at least one bug anyhow. (If you find such bugs, please let me know by email or as a comment on a post). This one was quite simple and it existed...
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