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Real World Perspectives on the Pros and Cons of Stored Procedures

Real World Perspectives on the Pros and Cons of Stored Procedures

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TENA_blgr2_mvps The dispute about the usage of stored procedures almost seems to be a religious one. Both sides have some strong arguments. Who better to debate the topic than four MVPs, two Microsoft product managers and another industry expert who all live and breath the issues from their own frame of references!

During this panel (PAN67) at Tech Ed North America, the team of experts discuss what they believe are pros and cons of each approach and try to decide when to use each of them. If you’re attending Tech Ed, stop by on Monday, May 11, 09:00 - 10:00 in 501C to get the complete story!

The line up is as follows:

image image image   image

Adam Machanic
SQL Server MVP from Melrose, MA

Jeffrey Palermo
Solutions Architect from Austin, TX

Maciej Pilecki
SQL Server MVP from
Wroclaw, Poland


Stephen Forte
VB MVP from
New York, NY


Picture Not available


Michael Wang
SQL Program Manager, Microsoft

Tobias Ternstrom
Program Manager, Microsoft


Eric Hexter
IIS, ASP.Net, Sql server Expert

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